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Scan, know, choose

We live in a time of many choices. Lots of different clothes, different means of transport but also many different types of food products. And when you’ve finally decided which products to buy for dinner, you still have to choose a brand. But how do you know which brand is the best and healthiest? De Boodschapp helps you to make these choices.
De Boodschapp helps you choose healthy products

The choice is huge. For example, if you are looking for pasta sauce, you not only have a choice of many different flavours, but also a choice of many different brands. And which sauce to choose? Grand Italia? Heinz? Bertolli? Or the private label? Although the sauces seem to be the same, they can differ greatly in terms of weight, ingredients and composition. Making a healthy choice is therefore not an easy task. Boodschapp compares the composition and price of more than 3600 pre-packaged food products from the supermarkets Albert Heijn, C1000 and Jumbo. The app was developed in collaboration with dieticians and nutritionists and is based on national and international dietary guidelines.

How does Boodschapp work?

The Boodschapp actually consists of three simple steps. First of all, you scan the barcode of a product with your smartphone. After this you can compare the product with other brands on composition. This way, you can see all the information on nutritional value per product and information on the recommended daily amount. You can also compare the products on price. The price for all products is determined per 100 grams or millilitres, making it easier to compare the price with packaging of different sizes. The scanned product then gets a green, yellow or red color depending on how well the product scores compared to other brands.

The Shopping is very useful to use once and use products with each other. You probably won’t use it every day, because it might take a little too much time for that, but it’s definitely worth a try.

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