Live Entertainment


Deborah Cox - Saturday 6:45pm

Deborah Cox is a singer-songwriter and actress with an impressive background of performances. Her long standing commitment to various social issues in the LGBTQ+ community is exactly why we’re so happy to have her performing at the 2018 Roc Pride Fest.


Ada Vox - saturday 4:45pm

Ada Vox is the first drag queen to ever hit the American Idol stage. Ada once said, “... I think it’s very important that our talents be recognized ― that we be recognized as individuals, to be given one more chance to stand up and say ‘Hey, we are just as worthy of these platforms. We have dreams, we have talent, and we came here to speak for love.”
-Huffington Post


Rev Yolanda - Sunday 1:00pm

Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes: singer/songwriter and alien love child of Louise Hay, John Waters, and Dolly Parton with a splash of Tammy Faye. Rev. Yolanda is an eccentric, southern rock, country, gospel, folk singer/ songwriter and interfaith minister with a soulful voice, and spiritual outlook.



Nick & Six - saturday 5:15pm & sunday 3:15pm

NicKayla has been working professionally as a performing vocalist, actor, and dancer in the U.S. & Canada for 20 years. She teamed up with a talented performing guitarist, Denise Reese to form the band, NicK & Six. NicK & Six is the band of the future; best described as a two-piece, non-genre conforming alternative to a hug. NicKayla and Denise spread love & light through music and their Purple Days Movement.



Charles Emanuel - Saturday 6:15pm

Charles Emanuel is a singer-songwriter-musician with a raw, soulful acoustic sound. Charles lives in New York and we’re lucky to have him joining the 2018 ROC Pride Fest line-up. He has performed alongside talents such as Lionel Richie, Shaggy and more.



DJ Citizen Jane - Saturday 7:30pm

DJ Citizen Jane is one of the most wildly-successful, baddass, talented LGBTQ+ DJs in the United States. She slays lesbian parties, circuit parties and Pride festivals around the country. She teems queer mainstream and heteronormative audiences alike. Her desire to play music is so deep-rooted that her energy flows to her audience. She is authentic and genuine with a passion for the art of DJing....She is FIERCE!



Daughters of Art - Sunday 1:45pm

Daughters Of ArT is a group of young ladies comprised of Danna Jones, Ari Highsmith and Taryn Highsmith. Their mission is to reach out to the greater community; spiritually, visually, and artistically through dance and music.

Daughters Of ArT was officially formed in June of 2016, but have been performing together well over a decade. Growing up together has instilled a sense of sisterhood in all three of them. This sisterhood shines through every performance.

Daughters Of ArT has featured in a variety of events throughout Rochester, from charity events to festivals. To name a few; the 2016 Afrikan American Fest, Juneteenth, the Clothesline Fest, Voices Of The Youth Showcase, the BreakThru Magazine Gala, and the Black Business Marketplace.

Birthed by our passion for music and dance, we emerge as Daughters Of ArT.


Max doud - Sunday 4:00pm

Max is a 13 year old singer-songwriter who even at his young age, has an extensive resume, already performing over 40 times at local music events. He has performed live with multi-platinum recording artists Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls and Elvio Fernandes, as well as many other local artists and rock bands.


Champagne Brown - Sunday 2:45pm

Champagne has been singing since a young age and now performs with The
Swooners at venues across Rochester, with vocals reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. In 2016, she joined Bruno Mars’ keyboardist and family friend, John Fossit, at the Rochester International Jazz Festival.